Bai Tho Mountain

When referring to Halong, people often think of Halong Bay – the UNESCO World Natural Heritage site with thousands of islands, white sandy beaches, and delicious seafood. However, few people know that Halong also has a fascinating landscape beyond the bay. This is an ideal place for those who prefer a little adventure, a little challenge, to conquer and explore the city and surrounding area. From a very different perspective, you are able to feel the beauty of the city among majestic and immense Halong Bay – from atop Bai Tho Mountain (Poem Mountain).

Bai Tho Mountain is a limestone mountain 200 meters high, and it is located in the center of the heart of Halong city. This mountain is quite special: half of its foothills rove over the land, and the other half is immersed in the ocean. In many places, people can imagine the mountain in different shapes like a lying tiger, a preying lion, or a dragon preparing to fly.

Not only does the mountain have a high value in regard to tourism, Bai Tho Mountain also has a rich, storied role in the culture and history of Halong city. A long time ago, Bai Tho Mountain was called Truyen Dang Mountain (Lighthouse/Light Projecting Mountain). Legend has it that soldiers perched atop the mountain would use their high vantage point to announce oncoming aggressors by lighting up the top of the mountain to warn the city below. In 1468, King Le Thanh Tong patrolled the northeast coast by boat and stopped at the foothill to drink wine and recite a poem. Inspired deeply by the charming scenery of natural mountains and sea, King Le Thanh Tong had the poem carved into a cliff face. From that time forward, people have chosen to call this place Bai Tho Mountain (Poem Mountain).

Reaching the peak of the mountain you have a great chance to get the whole view of Halong Bay and the city as well. Please do not miss Bai Tho Mountain as you travel Halong every time.


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