Cuisine has always been the concern of the tourists when visiting Ha Long Bay. With special dishes of the sea flavor have attracted tourists from all over the world. Besides the natural wonders and scenery very charming, good food here has made a deep impression to the guests when enjoying the specialties. And in which “banh cuon cha muc” is often referred to more people.

Enjoy “banh cuon cha muc” Ha Long

This is a popular dish for local people, but it can make many visitors who have to a chance to taste, captivate. “Banh cuon” is familiar dishes, it is thin coated cakes. It is used to roll minced pork, mushrooms, black fungus, add a little scent of salted shredded pork, frieds onion, coriander … “Banh cuon” Ha Long will be eaten with the pieces of fried squid very hot. Great combination of “banh cuon” and fried squid Ha Long made a dish taste very attractive sea.

Scorpion Cruise Ha Long

Fried squid Ha Long is made from big cuttlefishes caught in the waters of Ha Long Bay. Fried squid here is ensurely pure, so it is crispy aromatic characteristics. The piece of fried squid is crispy and should be eaten with “banh cuon” and the sweet and sour, spicy of sauce will leave a lasting impression in the hearts of visitors. You will really regret if not enjoy “banh cuon cha muc” when visiting Ha Long.

Banh cuon cha muc

Foreign tourists love “banh cuon cha muc”, so they have surely been enjoying when visiting Ha Long. This is one of the dishes contributing to increase the beauty of Halong City image in particular and Vietnam one in general to friends around the world

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